Media Links

Gatto interviewed for the PBS documentary The Italian Americans 

Newsweek discusses Los Angeles’ forgotten Italian community

Gatto discusses how L.A.’s Italian pioneers transformed the region’s food scene

NPR station KPCC interviews Gatto about L.A.’s forgotten Little Italy

KTLA interviews Gatto about the IAMLA’s temporary exhibition The Sicilian Cart: History in Movement

KCET interviews Gatto about the tradition of St. Joseph’s Tables in Los Angeles

Downtown News discusses unearthing L.A.’s historic Little Italy with Gatto

LA Business Journal explores the legacy of Italian Americans in Los Angeles

LAist examines L.A.’s newest museum exploring Italian Americans

Italy Magazine discovers Italy in Los Angeles

Gatto and the IAMLA Discuss Taste of Italy on KTLA
Taste of Italy Benefitting Italian American Museum of Los Angeles (Story 1)

Taste of Italy: Locanda Del Lago & Obika

Taste of Italy Benefitting Italian American Museum of Los Angeles (Story 2)

Gatto discusses renowned artist David Alfaro Siqueiros, Radicalism in Los Angeles and linkages to the Italian American Community
Spring Rise and Autumn Exit: David Alfaro Siqueiros in Los Angeles

The Italian American Museum of Los Angeles Makes the Front Page of the Downtown News!
The Next Italian Job: New Museum Planned for El Pueblo

E’ Italia Magazine – 2012
“A Little Italy In Los Angeles…”
Download Two Page Article

Ambassador Magazine – 2011
“Los Angeles’ Tangled Italian Roots”
Download Two Page Article – 2011
“Italian American’s Legacy In Early L.A.
Includes a Sip of Winemaking History”

Daily News – 2010
Dennis McCarthy: L.A.’s Italian Roots

Blog Downtown: Italian American Museum of Los Angeles- May 2012

LA Weekly – 2010
“Last Night: IAMLA’s Taste of Italy”

Daily Breeze – 2009
John Bogert: “Recalling LA’s forgotten
Italian-American past”

I-Italy- 2010
Gatto discusses Los Angeles’ Italian American history with author and journalist Darrel Fusaro


The Italian American Museum of Los Angeles (link
Italian American Heritage Month

(re)Constructing Los Angeles Historic Little Italy
Taste of Italy